Footfall Counters in Kuwait for Retail Stores and Malls

Who We Are

Synergy United is the leading provider of people counters in Kuwait. We are an authorized reseller of FootfallCam, the leading brand in the people counting industry. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive service to retailers and shopping malls. This includes consultation, installation, training and maintenance. We have successfully implemented a number of projects across Kuwait, this includes Marina Mall, 89 Mall, Hugo Boss, Serb Fashions,   Midas and many more.  

Our Clients have been able to use the accurate data from our reports to make intelligent strategies in their sales.

Our Footfall Counter Clients in the Middle East

3D Stereoscopic Vision People Counter

The Footfallcam 3D Pro2 is the most advanced and powerful people counting counter in the world. It has been designed and loaded with features.

The Counters are equipped with dual 5 Mega pixel cameras that will simultaneously capture the moving object and compute the data using advanced Artificial  Intelligence algorithms  to generate accurate count. The  counter does all the computing locally and only sends the count data to the server , thereby saving bandwidth.

The Counter is capable of storing the data in the device if there is an internet failure. It will upload the data when the connection is restored. The WIFI sensor module delivers another dimension of counting outside traffic , to give a better idea of the traffic in the area.

Data on online cloud or local server

The data collected from the counters are updated to the cloud server regularly and in the event of a network disruption the data is stored on the counter till the network connection is restored.

The reports and data can be accessible at any time and place in the world from the cloud can also be sent to a local server for  BI analysis.

Local Server installation is also possible for those who want to store the data locally

Does not Count Children, trolleys, or Prams

One of the biggest issues with Footfall counting for retail shops is the false counts of trolleys or prams as visitors by the unit. Another great problem is the counting of children , who will be running through the entrances , while their parents are shopping causing multiple counts .

Footfallcam has been designed with the retail customer’s requirement , so the counter will not count prams, trolleys or small children up to the height of 1.3 mt.This function increases the credaiablity of the data.

Continous Software Upgradation

We believe in continuous improvement , so even after installing your unit, it is regularly updated with new improvements and features making it future ready.The hardware is equipped with a very strong processor to handle any future enhancements

Firmware updates are sent directly to the unit over the internet and updates regularly without any user intervention

Verifiable Accuracy Report

We believe in the transparency and authenticity of our counters. Once a counter is installed, our technicians will optimise each counter and perform a manual audit to ensure that each counter accuracy is above 95%. If the accuracy is doubtfull you can always run a verification test on the counter and compare the results of the counter with your manual count.


Outside traffic Report

The footfall traffic outside the shop  has a relation to the number of visitors who visit the retail store.Footfall cam uses a ingenious way to track the traffic outside and lets us get to know how the people count  was in relation to other days

Now you can get to know your retail store’s foot fall traffic as well as the visitor traffic of the shopping mall.The  data of the outside  people count will help in understanding the busy periods , and the lean periods of visitors in the area where the shop is located.


Retail Chains in Kuwait

Retail Chains such as Hugo Boss, Serb Fashions and ,Midas Furniture are using Footfallcam counters in determining how effective their retail sales are .

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Marina Mall Kuwait

Shopping Malls in Kuwait

Shopping Malls in Kuwait are using FootfallCam to determine the influx of traffic ratio and evaluate promotional campaigns.

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