People Counting​

How it works

3D Pro2™ is an electronic device used for counting people who are coming into the premises. It is mounted perpendicularly on the top of the entrance door, and periodically send the data of number of visitors to the central server. Central database collect the data from each of the store and compile reports showing the historical trends, allow user to do comparison and integrate with sales data for the sales conversion. Users can login to the software and view the reports anytime at any place or export the data to other business system.

3D Pro2™ is fitted on the entrance for each store. and It would required only one Cat5e cable connect from the counter to the back office router via PoE injector, which would combine both network and power cable. 3D Pro2™ is a standalone computer unit which will carry out video analytics, hence no PC is required in the store. In order to convert what camera see into the data and view in the reporting format, that can be transmitted over the internet, to the central server.

A stable internet connection is vital, to be able to transmit all of this data over the internet. And the data would usually transmit around 15kbps every hour. Accuracy audit video (approximately 25mb per video and 3x videos would required for tuning purpose) would only transmit to the server for tuning and reporting purpose, and it would stop sending to the central server after the counter has been verified.

3D Stereo Vision

FootfallCam 3D Plus is mainly using a series of video process algorithm to perform video analytics to count human traffic in bi-directional. FootfallCam is equipped with dual lenses which can facilitate depth into 3D vision same as human eyes. By using this concept, 3D vision allows FootfallCam to generate depth map that can differentiate the kids, trolley and objects and excluded them from counting. FootfallCam can accurately count the number of people coming in and out of the premises by using 3D stereovision.

View Data via Web

Retailers or management team at HQ would have full control at your fingertips. You can log onto your Analytics center to view your data from your own PC. And all these management functions are done through a user-friendly web-based interface.


Our people counter solution helps retailer in gaining their store traffic patterns and allow management team to carry out deep analysis, gain actionable business insights collaboratively. It collects all the data for more than 1000x stores in a single place. It helps retailers in various way


Measure Traffic Trends

Get the overview of footfall trend and turn in rate from the street for every day and every hour. Every Monday morning, top management would have a high level footfall report automatically compiled and sent via email. It provides a macro view across all stores in the chain, and could drill down into individual store in question.


Zone analytics

Statistics of how many people were in each zone, how long did they stay, and how many of them are frequent shoppers.Zone traffic flow also provides insights into the visiting paths of each shopper. How many like to go to the food court first before going to the fashion shops; does the shoppers who went to the luxury floor area also visit the classy restaurants?


Measure Sales Conversion

Sales figures alone don’t tell the full story. By looking at the ratio of traffic to sales, retailers can fairly and accurately compare stores with low volume to stores with high volume. Sales conversion should be the key metrics in all retail business. You should reward your store if it has higher sales conversion. If a store is having poor sales, if the footfall is low, then you should consider closing the store; if it is having low sales conversional, you need to review the store manager performance.


Measure your Marketing Effectiveness

Measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaign and find out what works, what doesn’t, and how to convert traffic into business opportunities. If you spent half a million on a nationwide marketing campaign, you would want to know if it helped to bring in more traffic? If footfall did not increase, you need to review the ‘attractiveness’ of the marketing campaigns. If footfall did increase, but not sales, then you may need to review the ‘offer’ of your marketing campaign.