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Synergy United is an established company in Kuwait with over 14 years of experience in providing customer centric solutions. Synergy United is one of the biggest in Pure water drinking solution providers in the middle east, as well as a leader in sustainable solution provider in Kuwait.

Our IT department handle complex service management development and support, which also runs our IT operations and also provides people counting solutions. The people counting solution provides a great tool to Shopping malls as well as retail store owners to understand the visitor traffic and make actionable decisions from the reports.

We provide a complete solution, which is a combination of local support as well as the support from UK from the FootfallCam support team. Our support will cover all the software and hardware issues, with even extended warranty for peace of mind for the store owners so that they can focus of their business awhile we handle the support.

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FootfallCam International

Global leader in people counting solution

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