People Counting System for Retail Stores

People Counting System helps retailers to have a better understanding of their store traffic, improve sales conversions and measure the effectiveness of marketing events

People Counting

People counting helps businesses to track the footfall traffics across multiple stores, evaluate the performance of your store compared to similar retail stores by benchmarking your sales opportunities with the industry average, utilise the business metrics to identify top and least performing stores and use this as a base point to improve your business as well as optimise the staff allocation.

In-Store Analytics

Provide in-depth customer engagement analytics within the zone of interest of a store, to have a better understanding of the user behaviour, and identify the most and least visited areas. With the analytics, retailers can create more effective localised plans and marketing strategies that better align with who your customer is.

Demographic Analysis

The in-depth visitor demographic analysis helps businesses to have a better profiling of their visitors by categorising the visitors into different age groups, genders and mood. By evaluating with other business key metrics, businesses can have better idea on which products/ campagins able to drive customer flow to store.

People Counting for Retail Stores


Measure the number of visitors at the store entrance. Get informed on the number of visitors in/out of the store.


Visualise the footfall trend in real time with live dashboard for operation review and perform necessary actions in real time.


Evaluate the monthly footfall trend against other key business metrics for management review and decision making.